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Freelance choreographer for theater/dance projects, video clips, movies, publicity, fashion & performance acts. Style: contemporary dance. 

Choreographer for theatre/music/dance company KOPSEER  

Hinder with Noémie Jar and Antoine Vanderlinden

Empty us with Victor Polster and Yamuna  Hugen

Oscar and the wolf - The game

Apashe - The good, The bad & The Fake




Aphashe 'The good, the bad & the fake' Music video, Antwerp

Gedachtegang Theatre/dance piece 12+ touring 2018-2020 different theaters in Belgium

Hinder Duet for two dancers from the Royal Balletschool Antwerp

Ocar’s hidden thoughts Choreography for The Royal Balletschool Antwerp, Het Paleis

Als alles kan kan niets kapot Theatre/dance piece 8+, on tour 2016-2019 in different theatres in Belgium

Vessel Choreography for student Royal Balletschool, competition winner 1st place Aix-en-Provence, France

What if you can’t see what you can’t hear Choreography for The Royal Balletschool Antwerp, Het Paleis

Drifting Choreography for Student Royal Balletschool, competition winner 1ste place, Aix en Provence, France

The game Video clip for music band ‘Oscar and the wolf’, Antwerp

When they dance Videoclip for Music band ‘Emiliana Torrini and The Colorist’, Antwerp

Het gaat over Theatre piece by director Lucas Van der Vorst, at Het Paleis, Antwerp

White unicorns Dance solo, Oude Beurs, Antwerp

There’s more behind your eye Award winner installation LABO#4 Festival, deSingel, Antwerp

There’s more behind your eye Installation Stormopkomst festival, Warande, Turnhout

It’s fine to be invisible Dance solo, CC Berchem

Place Prise Dansen in ’t Park, Dance performance with live music, Azaleapark Gent

Luad Amor @ De Studio + Week van de Amateurkunsten (WAK)

High Sensitive Dance solo, CC Mortsel

High Sensitive Dance solo Kavka, Antwerp

And who are you? Dance project for four dancers and with music band Grovgast, De Singel, Antwerp

Balter Dance/theatre piece for non-dancers, eight man, De Singel, Antwerp

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