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Freelance dancer for theater/dance projects, video clips, movies, publicity, fashion & performance acts. Style: contemporary dance.

Croocked corner

Nowhere Finished

Jef Neve - The Sacrifice

Schermafbeelding 2019-08-12 om 18.01.13.


                    Link to video


Improvisation performance Improvisation duo with Dries Laheye (STUFF), unvisited gestures, solo exhibition, Oranjerie, Hoboken, Belgium


Herval Improvisation duo with Seppe Dyck for exhibition Movement, Brussels

Als alles kan, kan niets kapot KOPSEER, different Cultural centers in Belgium



Marlière performance for Belgium brand Marlière, Antwerp



Essentiel Antwerp Video clip for their brand, Antwerp

Wat als? Television sketch channel VTM, Brussels

OBSO Video project by director Casper Fitzhue, Antwerp

When we dance Video clip for Emiliana Torini & The Colorist, Antwerp

Put me in a framework Dance performance for The clash Oude Beurs, Antwerp



Tucan choreographer Filip Van Huffel, deSingel, Antwerp

Als alles kan, kan niets kapot KOPSEER, Feniks festival, Mortsel

Final show Fashion department collection Shayli Harrison, Antwerp



Transposition choreographer Emmanuel Gat, deSingel, Antwerp

Transposition choreographer Emanuel GatFestival Dansand, Oostende



Hold your Horses Trash opera Champ d’action, by director Serge Verstockt, deSingel and Concertgebouw Brugge

All of Me choreographers Julie Stanzak-Pina Baush, Hervé Guérissi and Gaia Saitta, deSingel Antwerp

Venn choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, deSingel Antwerp

There is more behind your eye Award winning Project LABO, deSingel, Antwerp

There's more behind your eye Festival Stormopkomst, Warande, Turnhout

Dansen in ’t Park Floue company, Festival Azaleapark, Gent


2012 - 2011    

Floor of the Forest Installation by Trisha Brown Choreographer Tony Orrica, Cultural Centrum Hasselt

Bodies in Urban Space Opening of the MAS museum, choreographer CIE Willy Dorner

Yoko ono choreographer Mark Van Runxt, Monty Antwerp

Aporie choreographer Iris Bouche, deSingel

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